As a writer on marketing, advertising and technology, I've contributed to The Drum, MediaPost and TechCrunch. Press coverage of my creative work has included Adweek, Advertising Age, Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, and more. 

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Doing the wrong thing with the right data.

By Mihai Botarel

Published in Media Post on February 28, 2018.



Are algorithms hacking our thoughts?

By Mihai Botarel & Adriana Stan

Published in TechCrunch on May 20th, 2018.

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What the advertising industry can learn from TV's most binge-watched shows

By Mihai Botarel

Published in The Drum on May 4th, 2018.

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How a Pair of 360i Vets Cooked Up a 'Culture Hack'

My company RXM Creative featured in AdWeek on February 27, 2018.


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What it looks like when your social media takes physical form

Our Project 'The Social Ego' featured in Fast Company on March 30th, 2016.


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Agency uses clickbait for charities

Our campaign 'Clickbait for Good' featured in The Wall Street Journal on August 7, 2016.