Mihai has lectured at Columbia University and taught at Miami Ad School. Recent speaking engagements have included the Unfinished Festival, Digital Dumbo, and the Transform Conference North America. Some of the keynote topics he covers at events around the world include Courage vs. Creativity, Culture Hacks, Doing the wrong thing with the right data.



Unfinished Festival

In May 2017, I held a keynote presentation at Unfinished Festival in Bucharest, Romania, on the topic of Value, as it relates to life, culture and the advertising industry. 


Columbia University

In April 2017, I was invited by Aspire to speak at Columbia University. My presentation was entitled 'Stop doing things because you have to' and it touched on intrinsic motivation versus outside pressure.  


transform NA.jpg


Transform North America

In November 2017, I was invited to speak at the Transform Conference North America on Brand Building * Generation Z