Diesel - Facepark

Facepark is a campaign I developed in Germany under Diesel’s ‘Be Stupid’ umbrella. The end goal was to convince people to leave the online world for a moment and interact in real life again. It was awarded a Silver in Integrated at the ADC Europe Awards in 2011. 

The campaign had a very handmade feeling and we had massive fun figuring out how the cardboard profiles should look like and how to translate each element of the digital world into a tangible object that people can use to interact in real life again. We followed the project through the course of several months, overseeing every aspect from concept to design, influencer outreach, directing and seeding.

Remember Mafia Wars? 

Remember Mafia Wars? 

By equating smart to digital and stupid to analog, this social event has employed the ‘Be Stupid’ tagline far more creatively than the shock-value tactics of many Diesel ads.
— Design Taxi



Over 6000 people took part in the Facepark event, interacted with each other on their profile walls and engaged in the Be Stupid philosophy. Facepark achieved an impressive media coverage. It was heavily twittered, blogged, “liked” on Facebook and even made it into the evening news. With a budget of under 100.000 Euro we gained a media value of more than 300,000 Euro.