The Instagram Menu

The Instagram Menu is a campaign we developed for Cómodo, a 2-year old latin restaurant in NYC owned by Tamy and Felipe, a lovely young couple that we’ve been friends with for some time now.

The insight came from a dinner conversation over lamb sliders and the project grew organically from there. New menus were printed and a video was produced within the following two weeks. It was initially shared through our network of friends, before being picked up by the media and becoming a bit of a phenomenon. 

The campaign became an example for other restaurants around the world who started to create their own Instagram menus and a case study for much larger brands on how to use Instagram as a platform. The attention it received eventually materialized in a Cannes Lion award for mobile advertising.

Tamy and Felipe lovely as usual in Vogue. 

Tamy and Felipe lovely as usual in Vogue. 

For Tamy, Felipe and Cómodo, the project was an unexpected boost of attention that resulted in countless interviews, smiles and dinner stories about how the story came to be. The Cannes Lion trophy is today on display in the cozy restaurant located on 58 MacDougal Street, probably still stirring its fair share of table conversations.

Goes to show that great things can happen when you put your phone down and invest yourself in the dinner chat.

Worldwide Media Coverage


With $0 budget, the campaign generated:

  • Over 280 million earned media impressions
  • Featured in lifestyle and business outlets like USA Today, Financial Times, Fast Company, Wired, Forbes, Business Insider
  • Mashable named Cómodo among top Instagram marketers next to Red Bull and Tiffany & Co.
  • TV and radio coverage across the world
  • Restaurants worldwide started creating their own Instagram menus
  • Cómodo table reservations for up to 5 months in advance